Mercedes AMG Owners Website

By admin@artichokemedia | Posted on August 17, 2017


Visual Explorations
Screen Design


Mercedes AMG was creating their owners website that would announce new products, features and improvements exclusive to existing owners. This secure website allowed owners to interact with others and get the latest information.


After leading owner loyalty campaigns for Ford I took a remote creative director role for Avenue A Razorfish out of Atlanta. At the time I was located in Milwaukee and communicated directly with the Account Director for strategy and initial guidance. Very little visual direction was provided except for amazing photography and some comps that had not initially done well in previous client reviews. I knew I had to interpret the challenge correctly and delivery high quality elegant work with rationale to back up my 3 distinct design directions. They needed a concept that they could gravitate towards and I created the concept of a circular room that also included aggregated forum content down below. The idea of a virtual showroom that enabled users to explore and click into panels of the room was well accepted and provided Mercedes AMG owners with an elegant experience. I worked to provide the overall ideation, screen designs and worked with the Atlanta team for meetings and pitches that included additional work for Coca-Cola and Blue Cross Blue Shield.


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