Inner Good iWatch App

By admin@artichokemedia | Posted on February 14, 2018
Screen Design


I developed the iWatch/mobile app using visual metaphors to describe and track users emotional state throughout the day to provide ongoing information about identifying triggers with other people, things, situations and events. Most meditational, journal-type applications are textual and very mundane and require a lot of effort from the user. Visuals can be powerful indicators of our internal state and significant opportunity exists to create a fun application that achieved similar results and dashboards, but in a very different way. Behavioral and health wellness products are flooding the market – I identified a competitive opportunity and brought this app to market.


Inner Good application was built out of a unique desire to provide people with a quick outlet to track their feelings and moods using an iwatch for immediacy. After conducting an initial competitive analysis I discovered there were very few apps like it on the marketplace.


  • iWatch Wireframes
  • iWatch User Flow
  • Dashboard Design
  • Mobile Wireframes
  • Mobile User Flow
  • Personas
  • Guerilla User Testing
  • iWatch Screen Design
  • Mobile Screen Design