Park Seeker App

By erineaman | Posted on April 9, 2018
Style Reference
iOS Screen design


As a new resident in the suburbs of Milwaukee I was unfamiliar with the landscape and activities in the area. I wanted to explore the local parks that were largely hidden within residential neighborhoods and long lost secrets. As a side project I was determined to catalogue my exploration by creating a mobile app that allowed families to see features, locations and pictures of the parks in their area. Parents could then easily share the park name and location easily via email.


Using CSS and HTML I built a raw working coded file to export an APK for both Android and Apple file formats and submitted them individually to their respective stores. I incorporated a jQuery slider and I took pictures and visited about 20 local parks to determine their GPS coordinates and individual features. I designed the interface based on the joys of childhood and incorporated physical material elements as well as stylized elements. I also used share functionality which allowed users to invite others to parks for play dates. The app was a unique offering that allowed families to explore parks by features for young children and play options.


  • Wireframes
  • User Flow
  • Personas
  • Geolocation Functionality
  • CSS and HTML editing
  • iOS Application Store Submission
  • Android Play Store Submission
  • Content Strategy
  • Share Functionality
  • Interface Design
  • Product Naming