Personal Champion Health Assistant iPad App

By admin@artichokemedia | Posted on August 17, 2017
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High needs users with Medicaid had a limited perspective of the services offered within their healthcare plan. This provisioned ipad app offers telemedicine services that connect with their immediate care providers, track their medications, provide visual dashboards on their healthcare coverage, and allow the user one tap access to their immediate care physician support and services such as transportation to and from appointments.


By the year 2020 about half of the world’s population will have a chronic illness and there will be a serious shortage of health care workers able to assist those in need. Telemedicine is able to connect patients who are in high risk categories to receive medical advice remotely reducing the need for additional transportation. Many patients aren’t aware of the special services that are available to them with Medicaid and the iPad app allows you to directly access on call health doctors and nurses. It also allows them to track their medications, schedule services from participating businesses in their local area and earn health rewards and coupons to local health stores and restaurants. Removing the barriers of care this app provides transparency and ease of access to our high-needs members.


  • Wireframes
  • User Flow
  • Personas
  • Powerpoint Pitch
  • Before/After Scenarios
  • Empathy Map
  • Pain Points
  • Interface Design
  • User Journey