Multi-Touch Interactive Lobby Experience

By admin@artichokemedia | Posted on August 17, 2017
Website Design
Techmorsel Branding and Identity
Interactive Touchscreen
Mini-brochure Design


Parents with digitally savvy kids as young as 2 or 3 years old up to children in their late teens are not always aware of technical tools to enable parental controls and establish effective guidelines for use for their children. This explosion of exciting digital experiences without ‘guiderails’ contributed to an incredible anxiety for parents that contained many learning experiences on both sides for parents and children. I found an opportunity to advise parents on the dangers of internet use as well as provide tools and strategies to engage their kids.


How to reach parents when they are unaware of the dangers of their kids on the internet? Who teaches them the etiquette and successful behavior of use? These questions were unclear and I began a company called Techmorsel creating a trustworthy brand to teach parents about parental controls. The touchscreen was featured in numerous lobby installations, the website provided different support plans to guide your family and their various devices, and I made great connections at schools, churches and synagogues speaking in front of large groups of parents and community leaders.


  • Wireframes
  • Website Design
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Company Naming
  • Logo Design
  • Identity Creation
  • Personas
  • Messaging & Copywriting
  • Mini-brochure Creation
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  • Interactive Touchscreen Design
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