Motorola Carrier Design Kit

Android media guidelines for global carriers such as Orange, Vodafone, Movistar, AT&T, and Verizon.


Produce Android carrier customization media elements (ringtone, powerup animation, out-of-box configuration, iconography, and custom apps). Assess carrier customization needs across major carriers and establish standards for baseline deliverables. Support and design sales team pitches that align product features and experiences to customer target personas.

Work with individual carriers to provide visibility and solutions for media customization requests. Collaborate with carriers to achieve a holistic product experience offering Motorola design language use and application. Guide creative critiques assessing UX patterns, best practices and iconography. Lead presentations that satisfy carrier needs while keeping Motorola design language consistencies.


With Android as the flagship development platform many customization options are technically possible. Carriers would work with Motorola to customize devices and the ability to support those requests was not consistent. Motorola needed to define a baseline set of product requirements that our media team could support on a global scale.



Align carrier customization solutions to meet carrier needs


Roll-out a baseline customization communication plan


Work with design team to produce design guides and media elements


Design CES UI prototypes to demonstrate strategic carrier experiences

Design Process


Identify Motorola capacity to support carriers globally to address a range of customization requests.


Resource audit, competitive research. Propose a format to balance Motorola and carrier product experience expectations.


Create Roadshow for both Motorola Account Teams and Carriers to define the optimal level of customization to manage and support effectively.


Media Design

6,000 media elements were customized to adjust the look and feel of Android devices. Motorola product experiences balanced carrier requests for out-of-the-box customization.

Motorola Customization

Evaluate and propose baseline standard customization for carriers and Motorola internal account and design teams.

Socialzation Deck

Icon Customization Guide

Create an icon customization guide. Evaluate and critique iconography, styling and contribute to Motorola design language consistent use and its application.

Conceptual Carrier Experiences

Drive next generation carrier experiences and demonstrate future forward strategic device concepts through animated product demos for CES Consumer Electronics Show.

Fluid Media

Enterprise Collaboration

Contacts Nearby (Augmented View)


Approximately 20 Android devices were launched and both strategic and executional carrier needs were communicated more efficiently. Leverage resources globally, align carrier expectations and provide media support for device from concept to launch.

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